To parents

The AZYC and the Zionist youth movements we represent are committed to creating a positive and safe environment during activities, camps and seminars so that all participants can learn and develop.

We take the safety of your children very seriously, and have put in place guidelines to protect against child abuse and in the event of an incident make a timely and targeted response.

In consideration of this, we invite you as parents to be vigilant, talk to your child, hear what they say, make your own observations, and if you have concerns to bring them to the movement, AZYC or ZFA. We call on parents/guardians whose children attend a youth movement to please:

  • Observe our guidelines for parents (see below)
  • Read, and understand the AZYC Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy
  • In the event of serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines by any person, report the matter to the Shaliach or the leader in charge so that appropriate action can be taken.

Our guidelines for parents, is that all children’s participation in the youth movement is for their education and enjoyment. We believe that your role as parents is to support the movement by:

  • Encouraging your child’s participation in a positive and respectful manner
  • Advising your child’s leader of any special needs that they may have, or develop, during the course of the program (for example, they may suffer from asthma or allergies, mental health problems, or have hearing difficulties), so that we can safely allow them to take part in activities
  • Engaging with the leaders positively, by not criticising leaders in the presence of your child and reporting any concerns you have to our Shaliach or to the leader in charge
  • Ensuring that your child is picked up on time at the conclusion of an activity
  • Arranging with the Shaliach or leader in charge prior to an activity if your child is to be picked up by a person unknown to any of the leaders – and completing a transport authorisation form
  • Engaging with children other than your own in a positive and respectful manner and not engaging in behaviour designed to belittle, insult or intimidate them
  • Not engaging in, or threatening to engage in, violent / physical confrontations with any other person involved in the youth movement
  • Not encouraging or inciting your child to commit violent acts or to breach youth movement rules
  • Advising your Shaliach or leader in charge of any changes in the contact information, for use in the event of an emergency

Serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines are not tolerated. Parents who breach our guidelines may have their children asked to leave the movement. Above all, the safety of your children is of our highest priority. We seek to create an open environment between parents and the committee of the movement to ensure the safety of your children at all times.