Information for Children

Safeguarding Children

We want all children and young people in our community to be safe, happy and thrive. No adult should behave in a way that makes you feel unsafe or afraid, including anyone your family, at school, youth movement, the services and programs you attend, or anywhere else in the community. If you are feeling unsafe, tell an adult you trust in the youth movement, or speak to one of AZYC staff members. This can be someone you already know, or anyone else from the youth movement.

What should I do if I feel unsafe, or worried that one of my friends is unsafe?

Tell an adult you trust. This might be a parent, family member, teacher, welfare officer, coach, doctor, Madrich from the youth movement, or therapist. It can also be someone you trust from one of AZYC or someone in the community, like a nurse, swim teacher, youth worker, librarian, family support case worker, early childhood educator/teacher.

Read our Child Safe Code of Conduct for Children and Young People to learn more about your rights and what our staff will do when you tell them you feel unsafe.

You can also go to your local police station to make a report or call 000