AZYC Tzevet (Committee)

The two positions on the AZYC Tzevet (Committee) are elected positions by the Movements.

Tzevet AZYC

  • Rosh (Chairperson) – Noa Shaul is responsible for coordinating the various movement activities in Australia and New Zealand. She is committed to maintaining the high standard of Safeguarding Children and professionalism that is held by the youth movements. Noa chairs the Tzevet and the AZYC Executive which represents all the active zionist youth movements in Australia and New Zealand. e-mail: [email protected]
  • Sgan (Deputy Chairperson) – Chelsey Kretzmer is responsible for coordinating the annual Bogrim Seminar and the Shnat program and administration for 2018. Chelsey works alongside the Shnat Rekazim of all the movements to effectively plan for Shnat 2020. email: [email protected]
  • Executive Officer – Mel Perch email: [email protected]