The AZYC is happy to announce that summer camps ARE going ahead this summer. In full compliance with state government regulations, each youth movement has developed a COVID-19 Safe Plan to ensure the safety of their chanichim. The AZYC has been liaising with professionals to ensure we give up-to-date COVID-19 advice on the regulations to the movements. Additionally, the AZYC has run a series of pre-camp training sessions to ensure that all camp leaders and adults are well prepared for upcoming camps.

If you need financial assistance, there are camp voucher subsidies available to eligible applicants.

For Vic, WA and SA camp vouchers apply by clicking here.

For NSW, QLD and ACT first-camper subsidy vouchers apply by clicking here.
With the generous support of the Erdi Foundation, for the second year, and the Orah Fund, the AZYC is able to provide financial assistance for participants living in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. Participants of all ages are able to apply for subsidies of up to $150.

So too, with the generous support of the JCA Millie Phillips Jewish Education Fund, participants from NSW, QLD and ACT will have access to financial assistance. First-time campers in primary to middle high school are able to apply for a subsidy of up to $130. Means-tested subsidies are also available by applying to the participant’s chosen movement directly.