Bogrim (or graduates) are leaders who have completed the Shnat programme with any of the seven Zionist youth movements in Australia and New Zealand or have joined a movement as madrichim (leaders). These bogrim are the forefront of the Movements, embodying the principle of movements run for youth by youth. These bogrim lead regular educational programs and classes and take up leadership positions within their movements.

The AZYC believes that Bogrim should continue learning and expanding on their leadership skills and encourage all the movements to embark on educative processes to continue their Shnat experience.

Bogrim Seminar

Aside from Shnat, Bogrim Seminar is the pinnacle of the Australasian Zionist Youth Council’s year. Affectionately referred to as “BogSem”, this three-day seminar is a chance for the 300+ Bogrim from the six Zionist Tnuot Hanoar (youth movements) of Australia and New Zealand to work together to improve our capacity to effectively educate and to learn from each other.
Stay tuned for Bogsem 2020 information and registration details!