Hasbara Seminar

Participants on AZYC Shnat Programmes have the unique opportunity of participating in the ZFA Advocacy Seminar held in April and September every year. The seminar is run by StandWithUs, an Israeli education and advocacy organisation.

Throughout the seminar participants learn how to grapple with global anti-Semitism and how to be a strong advocate for Israel when they return to their communities.

The seminar is a cutting-edge, comprehensive and innovative Israel Advocacy Training seminar for Australian students on long-term Israel Programs. Over the last few years over 300 students, aged 18 to 20, participated in the seminar.

The seminar exposes participants to some of the best speakers that Israel has to offer – from Parliamentarians, to human rights and aid activists, Muslim-Palestinian Israeli Arab journalists, Israel authors, Sudanese refugees, commentators, academics and legal experts.

The advocacy seminar also allows for Movement participants to meet with other Israel programs – AUJS Aviv and IBC – to come together to learn, be challenged and grow as strong advocates for Israel!





Participants in the 2011 Advocacy Seminar