Tzevet (committee)

The three positions on the Tzevet AZYC (the committee) are elected positions by the Movements.

Tzevet AZYC

  • Rosh(head) – Gabi Newman is the Chairperson of the AZYC, incorporating responsibility for the various Shnat programs and AZYC’s commitment to safeguarding children. Gabi’s position also serves as chair of both the tzevet and the AZYC Executive. Gabi went on Shnat with Habonim in 2012 and has since been a madricha and treasurer, and sat on the Mazkirut. e-mail:
  • Sganim (deputies) – Rebecca Helfenbaum and Matthew Duke are the Sganim of the AZYC. Rebecca
    is responsible for marketing and public relations in addition to all NSW, Canberra and Queensland related activities. Rebecca went on Shnat with Hineni in 2013 and has been a madricha and Rosh Machane with Betar and the Gizbarit of the NSW ZYC. e-mail
    Mathew is instrumental in the educational value of all AZYC activities as well as being responsible for South Australian outreach activities and Shnat (Gap year) Administration. Matthew went on Shnat with habonim in 2013 and has been a madrich and Rosh Machane at Habonim Dror. e-mail: