AZYC Small Communities

They AZYC is dedicated to engaging with all Jewish Communities in Australia & New Zealand and works alongside movements in small communities to provide them the support needed to connect with their communities.

Sophie Ryan is the AZYC Rosh of Small Communities and is a former Bogeret of Betar Queensland and the former Mefakedet (Chairperson). She is passionate about ensuring that all movements regardless of size have the opportunity to develop its’ chanichim and community.

Sophie works with the AZYC Tzevet in coordinating AZYC operations across small communities. For more information about AZYC’s work in these communities, please contact Sophie at [email protected]

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AZYC supports Betar Queensland operating throughout South Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast).

On a monthly basis Betar Queensland has Zohar meetings, which involve fun and educational activities.

Winter and summer camps for school years 2 to 10 are run annually along with a Federal Senior camp run in January in collaboration with Betar Australia.

For more information please visit their website or contact Aleks Rinon via email


The AYZC collaborate with its participating movements to create a presence within the Canberra Jewish community through Canberra’s Jewish Pluralist Zionist Youth Movement, CATZ, Based out of the ACT Jewish Community Centre.

For more information please contact Daniel Coppel via email


In Adelaide the AZYC functions through Adelaide’s unique movement JAZY (Jewish Adelaide Zionist Youth). JAZY runs activities every month in Adelaide and a Winter Camp in July.

Movements regularly send madrichim (leaders) from larger states to JAZY to assist on seminars and camps and movement outreaches.

JAZY runs activities every month in Adelaide and a Winter Camp in July.

For information please contact Alexandra Knopoff via email

Aotearoa New Zealand

Bnei Akiva New Zealand operates in Wellington and Auckland. Both sniffim often run weekly activities and participate in community events.

Bnei runs bi-annual camps in the winter and summer school holidays with national attendance from years 3 to 12.

For more information please visit their website or contact: Benya Klapaukh via email

Habonim Dror Aoteara New Zealand has Kenim in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Auckland: meets weekly for activities Wellington: meets fortnightly Christchurch: meets once a month

Three major Machanot are run during the year:

  • Machane Choref senior and junior in July
  • Machane Kaitz is for all shichvot.
  • Seminars for 
    • Madatzimot
    • Shnat
    • Madrichimot

For more information please visit their website or contact Adi Rothman Berman via email